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I need to move a Chamilia, it's about 8yrs old and still has new buds coming . I live in Cheshire . What are the chances of it surviving and should I prune it first. Waiting for your advice .
Kath Morgan



If you mean Camellia, and its a good size, and its been in the ground for 8 years, the chances of it surviving a move are next to zero I'm afraid. If you wanted to try it anyway, best to do it in late autumn or winter, when it's dormant, though you will lose any flowerbuds present. If its over 4 feet tall, then you'd need to reduce the topgrowth if moving it.

17 Apr, 2016


Thanks for that I suspected as much so it will be easier to Change my plan x

17 Apr, 2016


Agree with Bamboo, isn't going to work!

17 Apr, 2016

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