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Hi, has any members tried growing grafted tomato plants in containers? I don't have a greenhouse but love home grown tomatoes. There seems to be quite a lot now available from plant suppliers but I was wondering how well they did before I take the plunge. Also which variety is best, I like the small sweet cherry or small plum variety best for flavour.
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No, I haven't. I grow Maskotka (a tumbling tomato with smallish fruits) from seed. When hardened off, the plants go in wall troughs on my west-facing house wall. No pinching out required - they just need regular feeding and watering - so really easy to grow. Each plant produces masses of tasty fruit for very little money and effort, so you can't go wrong. :)

18 Apr, 2016


I tried the black one and wasn't very impressed. But I only had one and grew it in the conservatory, so it may have been my fault it didn't do spectacularly well. Just give it a go and see what happens.

18 Apr, 2016


I think that the interest in grafted tomato plants are a result of the commercial growers who want the largest crop in the smallest space. I grow some cherry tomatoes (Tumbling Tom) and if you only want a few plants then they can be bought at a reasonable price. I have found that they tend to be so prolific that a few plants will keep you going for weeks. For fruits of a little larger in size then Gardeners' Delight take a lot of beating.

19 Apr, 2016


Thanks all, I will take on board and have a go with Maskotka and Tumbling Tom. Wish me luck and let's hope we have a nice summer and they do well.

20 Apr, 2016

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