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my mum has too different kinds of apple trees a cooker and eating apple . her problem of recent years is the apples on both are rotting on the tree when there almost mature and its getting worse . please could you help ?



In addition to the apples do you or your mother see anything wrong with the apple trees leaves, trunk or branches? I ask this because I am thinking of a fungal attack called black rot. If it is this problem and there was an orchard and profit motive involved the methods to contain this problem would be worth the time, cost and trouble. Otherwise for two trees, cutting back diseased and dead growth, discarding of it in such a way so as to not spead the disease and spraying the trees with a fungicide and then waiting a few years for recovery might be impractical.

18 Apr, 2016


Would be useful to see one or two of the apples in that state, but since we can't, it sounds to me like Brown Rot. It often starts in fruits that have been damaged, say by bird pecks or penetrated with codling moth, and the brown rot sets in later. Another cause is a lot of fruit on the tree (not thinned out if it needs it) so that the fruits are touching, combined with wet weather and humid conditions, that might trigger an attack. The trouble is, the rotted fruits should be removed as soon as they're noticed, if they're not, the fungus that causes the trouble can overwinter on the twig behind the rotted fruit, or in the rotted fruit itself if its still hanging on the tree, ready to infect next year's crop, which would explain why the problem's getting worse. All fallen rotted apples should be cleared away as quickly as possible.

More info, and images, in the link below

18 Apr, 2016


thank you so much I really appreciate it .

18 Apr, 2016


No worries Nosey - Loosestrife, I have a feeling that Black Rot is something which is, lucky for us, confined to your country and not a problem in ours.

18 Apr, 2016

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