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Hi All
I have a Exochorda × macrantha 'The Bride' in my garden that has been there for 13 years I love it as we bought it the same year we got married.
We are hoping to move in the next month or so could anyone advise me on how I go about digging it up and re-planting in my new garden?
It is in flower now and stands 1m40cm high and 2m wide.
I dearly want it to move with us and survive! My fingers are not very green so any help would be most appreciated.




Unfortunately, as its been in place for 13 years, it's highly unlikely that the shrub will survive being dug up and transported away. Its better to leave it in place and buy a new one for planting in your new garden. Cuttings from this plant are very difficult to raise, and at this time of year while its in flower, its probably not worth even trying. If you wanted to try, some info in the link below, but you'd need non flowering shoots.

16 May, 2016


Also, remember that any plant in the soil in a garden belongs to the property and can only be removed if specifically excluded from the sale.
Otherwise, Bamboo is correct, the shrub would almost certainly not survive being dug up. Sad really.

16 May, 2016


If you really want to try and move it, cut the branches hard back (upsetting, but necessary), then dig out as much of the root ball that you can manage, keeping the soil around the roots moist and solid. If you don't have a huge pot, put it into an empty compost sack and keep it wet. If you do this the day before you move, you will be able to replant in a very large hole in your new garden as soon as possible. Keep well watered . . . good luck!

16 May, 2016


They could do that Sheilabub - but I can't help feeling that knowing the shrub still exists and lives is better than killing it altogether by trying to move it. had preparations been made last year for moving it this year, preferably during its dormant season, the chances of success would have been up to 50%, possibly, but the chances of success with moving it now are, I'd say, less than 10%.

16 May, 2016


Well, you have two choices: Dig it up and almost certainly kill it in the process (which I imagine would be pretty upsetting in the circumstances), or buy a new one to celebrate your 13 years together thus far, and to mark the beginning of the next phase of your marriage.

I know which I would choose. :)

16 May, 2016


I would hate to kill it so it looks like it will be staying put.
Thank you all so much for the very helpful and informative answers.

16 May, 2016

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