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Advice on lifting lupins please? They are 4 inches across. I want to strim all the nettles etc surrounding them so I can turn over the soil and get rid of the weeds . Is it advisable doing this now? Thankyou



Now is not the best time to lift the lupins because they're in full growing mode, and depending on how long they've been planted, its inevitable you'll break roots. If you don't mind if some or all don't survive, do it anyway, they're going to look pretty sad surrounded by nettles and weeds if you don't.

16 May, 2016


I've not long moved in but my fiance says she as a good show of lupins every year. She has been here for around 3 years now so I would assume there root is quite well established. I might do as you say and risk a few else I'm not going to be able to get it how I want. Thanks again bamboo

16 May, 2016


They're not hugely expensive to replace at this time of year anyway...

16 May, 2016


If you are keen to sort it now wear long sleeves and gloves and cut them off at ground level. Then using a fork feel around carefully avoiding the lupin roots and take out as much as you can. Nettle roots are usually bright yellow so are easy to see. When some begin to grow again just keep hoeing them off and sort it properly in the autumn.

16 May, 2016


I'll have a go at digging out the nettles. It hasn't been maintained for a long time so I've got my work cut out to get it remotely close to how I want it. I'll just keep plodding on. Thanks for the advice

17 May, 2016

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