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Hi all, can anyone give me ID on 2 of plants in my garden

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, can anyone give me ID on a plant in my garden. I will say sorry now as I feel will be doing quite a few of this question being not a very knowledgeable gardener and having moved into new house August last year. Hope can make from photes. Any help will be very very gratefully received : - ) jen

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Does it smell like bitter celery?

Probably Lovage (Levisticum officinale)

29 May, 2016


They look exactly like my dahlias. I bet somebody left their dahlia tubors in the ground and that's what you have. They sprouted up again. Eventually, it will mature into a beautiful plant that will bloom for you all summer long (if they really are dahlias). Snip off the top third of that long shoot. That will encourage it to bush out and produce more blooms. They are very thirsty so give it a good drink every other day or so.

They make great cut flowers; the more you cut, the more it blooms.

29 May, 2016


Thank you both. I have just picked a leaf and it does smell of celery and looked Lovage up on net. Would say you nailed it! Can take 1 more plant off my list of don't have the faintest. Jen

29 May, 2016


I had one grow in my garden too Jenlewis. It grew quite tall before I identified it as Lovage. I reckon it came from the bird seed.

30 May, 2016

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