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ID Please x
Pic 1 Flower
Pic 2 Stem & Leaves :o))



Centranthus rubra aka Red valerian.

26 Jun, 2016


ye I agree. Cant get it to 'take' in my garden. seeds freely next door but not for me.

27 Jun, 2016


Also known as Orpine or Livelong. I can't grow it either.

27 Jun, 2016


Not Orpine - that's a different plant, now known as Hylotelephium telephium, formerly Sedum telephium. It does have similar heads of pinkish-red flowers though.

27 Jun, 2016


I've always known that plant as Orpine but have no idea who told me it's name. The new name is a bit of a mouthful, Landgirl. Why do they keep changing plant names? I've just noticed in the Gardeners' World magazine that Dicentra is now called Lamprocapnos. Dicentra is not only easier to say but a nicer name.

27 Jun, 2016


ah but its not all decentres either. its to do which genetic identification that shows a truer relationship between plants.

28 Jun, 2016


Thanks for the info All x

29 Jun, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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