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Can I cut these back as they're getting very straggely. I was hoping they would form a nice round, upright clump. Will they re-grow? Can't remember name of the plant, sorry. Thanks

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I'll be working on general principles, Amsterdam, but I seem to be the only one to notice your problem, this time. First off, what is it? It appears to be some kind of Anthemis. Did something happen to it, such as high winds and/or heavy rain--or maybe a big dog? How much sun is it getting?

3 Jul, 2016


I need to find the label somewhere..... When you rub your fingers over the foliage it smell rather strong of..a herby smell.

When I bought them early spring they were round, like a ball lshape. I think they have grown too fast, they have had plenty of rain like anywhere else and get full sun in the afternoon. Do you think I can cut them back and fingers crossed see whether it grows back?

3 Jul, 2016


Really puzzled by this one. It looks to be n the same family as the mayweeds and chamomiles (Anthemis as Tug says) but you wouldn't buy any of those, they are weeds of the wayside. Try Anthemis punctata?

3 Jul, 2016


Maybe Argyranthemum foeniculaceum? If so, not likely to be a hardy perennial in the UK, though. How much sun in the afternoon, Amsterdam? I would expect a plant of that type to need a minimum of 8 hours of direct sun a day to develop properly.

3 Jul, 2016


I reckon they are not getting enough light, certainly NOT 8 hours a day! Have had a look for the label but can't find them..... I don't really have anywhere in the garden that gets 8 hours a day so I guess this is a lost cause......

4 Jul, 2016

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