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Hello everyone, can anyone help please, my son is just doing his new garden, and has a good patch of boggy waterlogged ground,and wants to know what kind of shrubs or plants he could put in. I thought astilbe but I am not sure, any suggestion would be very helpful, thank you



If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'B' and then bog gardens you'll get lots of info and advice

19 Jul, 2016


One of my favorites is the Louisiana Water Iris (beardless irises of the species Iris Hexagonae). Available in all colors/styles/combinations. Native to the swamps & bogs of Louisiana, they would be right at home in your location if it gets enough sun.

Amazingly, they will also do well in pots or raised beds but don't mind if their roots are submerged.

Here's a link, they ship overseas.

19 Jul, 2016


Bathgate, Callie is in Staffordshire in the UK probably not the best of plants...

20 Jul, 2016


Thank you moon growe andBathgate, I will look at bog gardens on this site.

20 Jul, 2016


I love Iris sibirica...they grow so well in wet ground. :)

22 Nov, 2016


Thank you Karen I will look that one up

24 Nov, 2016

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