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Mildew on honeysuckle. I recently planted two honeysuckle self seeded baby plants in this tub. To my dismay they have developed mildew and leaves are falling off. Shall I just cut off stems to the base and let regrow again?

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This is rarly fatal. Wipe the leaves down with a fungicide so the leaves can photosynthesize at as much as they can. Think of them as a solar panels that have become cloudy with dirt. Reason why I am saying this is that these are young plants that need their leaves to produce the energy and materials they need to establish a good root system. To cut them down could be fatal.

3 Aug, 2016


I wouldn't cut it down - mildew on honeysuckle in the UK is common, so I'd use the milk remedy - 1 part cow's milk to 9 parts water in a spray bottle, spray thoroughly all parts of the plant till run off. Repeat regularly.

3 Aug, 2016


Thanks for the advice. Have applied first application. Going to Cornwall for a week so fingers crossed after applications it will perk up.

4 Aug, 2016

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