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By Tonyl

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone I have two Rhododendron bushes at the back of my garden, one which flowered this year, the other didn`t but was growing new leaves all summer. Its this one one that is now looking unwell, Ive been away for a fortnight and come home to find all its leaves are drooping, its about 3ft away from the first bush which is fine. Any ideas why?



How long's it been planted?

19 Aug, 2016


I`m not sure Bamboo,I moved in here in April and they were here then, but they`ve grown quite a bit in that time. I was going to move it back in June but left it where it was.

19 Aug, 2016


possibly lack of water. give the plant a really good soaking and see if it perks up.

19 Aug, 2016


agree with Seaburngirl. Water

19 Aug, 2016


We've had a very warm couple of weeks with blistering sunshine at times, so I agree that it probably needs a good watering. Give the other one a good soaking too.

20 Aug, 2016

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