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I have a small concrete child holding a birdbath and it has a hairline crack across the bottom

west sussex, United Kingdom

I have a small concrete child in my garden, holding a birdbath and it has a hairline crack across the bottom. Has anyone tried mending anything like this and/or used Hypertufa?



I noticed that it was leaking water from the underneath and that's when I saw a hairline crack. I'm worried that anything temporary will crack even more when Winter arrives and the water freezes. I suppose I could try the stuff that stops leaks in gutters but thought Hypertufa might be stronger.

21 Aug, 2016


You can pick up a tube of silicon caulking at the DIY store (Home Depot or Lowes in the US). It's used for building fishtanks so you know it will create a watertight seal. I like clear because you won't even see it when it dries.

22 Aug, 2016


Thanks. I shall have a go at that Bathgate.

22 Aug, 2016


I was going to suggest bathroom/silicon sealant, as Paul suggests too. you can get a clear one used in fish tanks and then a range of colours such as grey/black brown.

22 Aug, 2016


You'll probably find 100 other uses for it around the house.

22 Aug, 2016


We've got enough leaks in the house, so it might come in useful!

22 Aug, 2016

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