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By Busway

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have a Olearia X Macrodonta, last night I found that all the leaves have dried out and curling over.




Okay, but without further information, all we can do is assume its suffering from drought and suggest you leave the hose trickling at the base of the plant for a couple of hours, assuming its in the ground.

1 Sep, 2016


Thanks, have added a Photo will this help

1 Sep, 2016


how long's it been planted there?

1 Sep, 2016


Around a year

2 Sep, 2016


Well, it may now actually be dead, but it certainly looks like a bad case of drought...

2 Sep, 2016


Thanks for the information, will leave it in the ground and let you know how it get on

2 Sep, 2016

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