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Can I cut back variegated Euphorbia? It has got a bit straggely and should I cut non - variegated off? Thanks.

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I'm struggling to see anything variegated, all I can see are stems with grey leaves... oh hang on, just magnified and think I can see some variegation - do you know which variety it is?

1 Sep, 2016


Some are a bit tender, I think I'd leave the old stems on and do a good tidy-up in the spring.

1 Sep, 2016


I think this might be Euphorbia characias Silver Swan - if it is, characias varieties should have flowered stems cut out at the base after they've finished flowering. This encourages new shoots to form - bit late to do it now though.

1 Sep, 2016


I had a bit of a clear out as I had let the fern and other plants take over that area. Hence the straggly plant fighting for space. Will wait till next year when it flowers again and cut it back then.

2 Sep, 2016

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