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As the gardening year is starting to wind down, I wondered on what was some of the members thoughts on overwintering and taking cuttings of Geraniums (Pelagoniums). For the last few years I have been buying F1 seeds at about £1 each and at the end of the season I have been confining the plants to the compost heap. So I have decided to (try) overwintering them and take cuttings later in the year. Whilst swatting-up on the internet there seems to be various opinions as whether to use hormone rooting compound, vitamin C, organic honey or nothing. I wonder what you have used with most success?



No need for hormone rooting powder. Cut a 3" or 4" stem below a nodule (I'm sure you know that bit!), then push into seed-and-cutting compost mixed with sharp sand. Water, then LEAVE TO DRY, only dampening subsequently once a week. You should have success after two or three weeks - fingers crossed for you.

16 Oct, 2016


I've just stuck them in the compost. Use an open gritty compost. Let the cut stem scab over before you plant it and be very careful not to overwater. (Just noticed Sheila said leave the stem to dry as well...)

16 Oct, 2016


Agree with both the above..Your established Pelargoniums should overwinter successfully,in a frost free position..mine are in an unheated Conservatory,as from today....I have also taken a few cuttings .They definitely need to be kept on the dry side,or they will rot. In spring,I will water them well,and prune back to a lower nodule.using the prunings as more cuttings if necessary..good luck :o)

16 Oct, 2016


I've taken cuttings from mine for the first time this year. I grew mine from seed a few years ago and they've lived in the porch until this summer when I created a new flower bed and planted them out. I've had so many wonderful flowers on them throughout the summer. I'll lift them this week and bring them back into the porch. The cuttings I took a few weeks ago have taken well, they're in my cool conservatory, out of direct sunlight, just damp, not soggy wet multi purpose compost. Good luck with yours.

30 Oct, 2016

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