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One of my phalaenopsis orchids has developed black marks. If you feel this area there seems no fleshy substance left, just dry tissue. It looks otherwise healthy and is just coming back into bloom. I've cut the leaf off and isolated from my other orchids but it looks like it might be spreading to other leaves. Any suggestions?




Sorry it took so long to answer, Resinone, but I ran out of time before work this morning. It looks like bacterial brown rot is at work, and isolating it was a good first step. Next, I would try to reduce the humidity--isolation can have that effect, by itself--and maybe reduce the temperature slightly: around 20ยบ C is good. Dribble a little 10% bleach solution onto the growing point, wait 5 minutes, then blot it off with a bit of rolled up paper towel, followed by a rinse with purified water and another blot. Spraying the rest of the plant with a more systemic disinfectant, such as Physan, can help, too.

23 Oct, 2016


Thank you Tugbrethil, that is very helpful. I'm not an expert and looking round all the forums makes it seem more confusing.

23 Oct, 2016


You're welcome, Resinone

23 Oct, 2016

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