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how can I stop worm casts on my lawn preferably semi permenently



Ah, so now it is semi-permanently... wait for a dry day and sweep them across the lawn, they'll fill up any little holes. Worms are part of nature and you need them in you soil.

21 Oct, 2016


I believe you were given a link to the RHS website on this subject the first time you asked - what's contained in there is the only possible treatment. Up to about thirty years ago, there were chemical treatments to kill worms in lawns, available out of ignorance regarding their very important place in the eco system - once it was realised, the products were withdrawn, particularly given they were linked with cancer in humans. If you want a lawn that looks perfect year round with no worm casts, you could always replace it with professionally laid artificial turf.

21 Oct, 2016


Agree Bamboo... when we first took over an area of someone else's garden to grown veggies in it had no worms and, thus, was devoid of life! When we handed it on every spadeful of soil was full of worms! They are so important to soil health.

21 Oct, 2016


It;s occurred to me that it might seem I'm being sarcastic when I suggest artificial turf - its not meant that way, there are some very good versions of this available now, so I was quite serious when I said it...

22 Oct, 2016


It's true! Artificial turfs are much improved from the old Astro-Turf!

22 Oct, 2016



23 Oct, 2016

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