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Droplets on arum lily (zantedeschia) leaves

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I have just bought an arum lily but am intrigued as to why the leaves produce droplets of clear liquid at the tip of the leaves. Can anyone advise what this is? And what causes it?

On plant Zantedeschia aethiopica



I have done an extensive research into the beautiful arum lily, because this year I have grown many of these plants. I understand that arum lily's have a facility which enables the leaves to expel excess water, so that they cannot become waterlogged, it is possible that the droplets of water on the end of the leaf is this mechanism in operation, Not Sure! but would be interested in other answers to your question. Good luck with your new lily!

11 Aug, 2008


Look up transpiration.
where have you got the plant?

11 Aug, 2008


Thanks for the quick replies. Looking up transpiration it seems to what "tobytutz" describes. I have it in the kitchen at the moment, although it was bought to go outside. Where we bought it from had it stored outside in the rain and the soil in the pot is pretty wet. So it seems to make sense that its expelling excess water.
Thanks again

12 Aug, 2008


To update my original answer to your question:
The leaves of the arum lily contain water stomata, which can discharge water by a process known as - 'guttation', this prevents water - logging, and enables the plants to grow in wet conditions.- Glad to be of help!

12 Aug, 2008

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