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I am really interested in getting a pop up greenhouse (about 6x4) but really do not know if it is worthwhile. I would like to continur to grow through the cooler periods and assume this would help? Now this may sound stupid, but will it have to be placed in sunlight? The best place in my garden is down one end, but that means on getting about 30 mins to 1 hour of direct sunlight? Please help.



Hi Craigsplants. It would depend on what plants you intend to grow, sun lovers are a no, but shade tolerant plants could be a yes...not much help i know.

11 Aug, 2008


The plastic greenhouses wouldn't keep precious plants frost-free in a very cold spell, Craigsplants, and I don't think that heating them is an option. The reason for siting greenhouses in sunny positions is to get maximum light which helps plants to thrive - unless as Guybinn says, they are shade lovers. If you wanted to use it to be able to start seeds off early in the spring, you would also have problems as the seedlings would grow leggy in the shady conditions. If you are set on a plastic one, then if possible, put it where it is in as much light as possible - but you can buy what they call over here 'Wall gardens' which are glass and fix to a wall - a mini-greenhouse! I use mine a lot! Would this be a possibility for you?

12 Aug, 2008


I've got dozens of pages of greenhouse info on my site. But get in to the 'garden world' sub-site for the info you need and more besides. Happy reading.

12 Aug, 2008

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