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Hello Folks
In September, I bought & planted out some Box hedging from a reputable supplier in Kent. They seem generally fine, except for a few which have a white powdery film on some leaves. If you rub it, it leaves a yellow stain on the fingers. I'm worried that it may be Box blight & I'll lose the hedge.
Has anyone seen this before?
All help & suggestions are very welcome
Thanks & kind regards
John Yorke

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It looks like a powdery mildew but as it doesn't look that bad at the moment, Bayer Fungus Fighter Plus, reckons to deal with mildew, white rust and box blight. Although its not cheap, it might be worth giving it a go. Also comes as a concentrate.

19 Mar, 2017


welcome to GoY. yes give them a fungicidal treatment as Jimmy suggests.

19 Mar, 2017

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