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Planting summer flowering bulbs.

I have just received the bulbs listed at the bottom.
My questions are:
If I plant them in tubs, will they need watering? (We are away quite a lot in the summer.)
Can I plant them straight into the ground?
If I do plant them straight into the ground, do I need to lift them for the winter?
And finally...when should I plant them...maybe right now?
Many thanks.

Liatris spicata
Anemone de Caen
Lily triumphator



Yes, they will always need watering, especially when in active growth. Yes, you can plant them all straight into the ground right now if you can work the soil. Add some rich compost to extend the bloom time. Lift them in the fall once the leaves fall and turn yellow/brown. I live in New York and our winters are brutally cold. Yet, my liatris and gladioli always return the following spring. I don't bother lifting the others. I'll just plant new ones next year.

19 Mar, 2017


Many thanks Bathgate

19 Mar, 2017


I don't find freesia return if in the ground in Yorkshire. Gladioli if planted very deep do come back unless it is a hard winter [2010/11 bumbed all mine off]

the others return for me.
They would need watering in tubs.

19 Mar, 2017


Just bare in mind that tubs dry out faster and need more looking after then the bulbs planted in the ground.

19 Mar, 2017


Thank you!

19 Mar, 2017


Acidanthera need lifting here and its milder than where you are.

19 Mar, 2017

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