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Hi, my Jalapeno plant from last year season. Should I get rid of it, or can I keep it for this years season. It did produce Jalapeno in winter and early spring, The leaves ar starting to go yellow as seen in photo, is there any way I can save it for this year season. I do keep it in a cold lean-to greenhouse. If anyone can advise me it would be great.




Yes you can save it and it will give you another season of peppers. They hate cold weather though. Keep it in a sunny & warm location in the greenhouse until the weather warms up enough - when nightly temperatures stay above 50F.

That pot is too small. Transfer it into a bigger pot with fresh new compost if you plan to keep it indoors. Otherwise, plant outside in a prepared bed with rich compost & full sun. They are very thirsty plants so keep it well watered too. Once the plant is in its new home, top it by half. Topping the plant will force it to 'side shoot' creating more branches and a much greater yield.

23 Mar, 2017


Thank you Bathgate, I will do.
I was amazed with it. It kept producing Jalapeno all winter in the cold greenhouse.

23 Mar, 2017


That's amazing. You have a strong healthy plant there and that means more peppers to come.

23 Mar, 2017


My neighbor kept one for four years running. It looked like a little 3 foot tall tree!

24 Mar, 2017


It must have looked gorgeous with Jalapenos on it. I don't think my plant would survive with our climate in Ireland

24 Mar, 2017


It would definitely need more frost protection than our minimal fleece and water bottles.

25 Mar, 2017

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