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I've moved into a house where the garden has been neglected for years and it's full of wild garlic. I've tried digging it up, I've spent hours all to no avail, it just comes back. Is there a weed killer that would work.
Thanks, Linda.



You have a formidable task on your hands and unfortunately there's no easy way out, short of moving. The only ways to get rid of wild onions/garlic is to either dig them up, or use herbicide. However, timing, technique and diligence is essential for success. Here is a website which goes into more detail than I can do here.

24 Mar, 2017


I use a combination of techniques. digging as and when I can, dead heading the flowers and spraying with roundup at the time of flowering so the weedkiller can be taken down to the bulb and kill it. it isn't a quick job but it can be done.

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24 Mar, 2017


Before you put any weedkiller on just try putting a leaf in a ham sandwich - yum!

24 Mar, 2017

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