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By Waddy

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted 4 different lots of miniature iris three years ago. The first and second years they flowered well. This year, not a bud to be seen, just leaves. Can anyone tell me why and will they flower again???



I'm in the same boat Waddy so will be interested in the answers, I've inspected mine again today looking for any progress, nothing seen at all except the leaves, was wondering if the lack of rain is maybe the answer, my other bulbs did well but of course they were open a lot earlier and therefore had plenty of water...

6 May, 2017


Same here Lincslass...very strange..

6 May, 2017


Hi Waddy and Lincslass,

It would help if you could give us some names
as there are hundreds of types ( thousands if you count cultivars as well ) of Irises and so many different ways of growing then, depending on whether they are bulbs, rhizomes, herbaceous etc.

To give you an idea, Iris is the only genus where you can have a different variety in flower for every month of the year ( without forcing etc ).

6 May, 2017


By minature iris I guess that you are talking about the early bulbous iris that you planted in autumn? Some gardens find them incredously easy to grow and they come back year after year. Others do not find them easy and the parent bulb breaks down into lots of tiny bulblets that take years, if ever, to come to flowering size. A lot of gardeners just treat them as annuals and plant new bulbs every year

6 May, 2017


Oh thanks Mr B, in other words in years to come I might just have some flowers appear, wondering where they have sprung from if I leave them in situ, I could do that as they are planted under the ground spreaders at the back of my pond, sounds as though I was lucky to have them for a couple of years then really.

6 May, 2017


I've managed to dig out the packaging labels for all three varieties. They are all classed as 'reticulata' and are named Clairette, Danfordiae and Blue Note. I have also noticed it says on the Care Instructions to keep the soil moist during dry periods. I think I now know what's gone wrong. Hopefully, they will recover and flower next year.

7 May, 2017


I found the only way to keep them was to keep them totally dry over the summer, so I grow them in containers and keep them under cover from about May until the autumn.

I hope you received the celandines - if they arrive while you are away let me know and I'll send you some more as they won't be much use by the time you get back!

7 May, 2017


the ones mentioned flower again if they get a dry period. Better if they are not covered by other pllants that get a watering.I find I.danfordia never re appears for me but the others do.

15 May, 2017

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