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By Nite

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

why has my Holly Tree no flowers on it this year when last year for the 1st time it berried really well.By flowers i mean very small ones that turn into berries.Hope you understand what i`m getting at.



Holly is one of those trees that is either male or female. The male must have been spreading its pollen last year when the female was in flower; this year, for whatever reason, the two didn't coincide - unless that is whoever had the male holly didn't cut it down.

7 May, 2017


Nite says it hasn't flowered at all though? Its only a young tree and this does sometimes happen - perhaps its just having a rest. Gardening is sometimes a real exercise in patience...

7 May, 2017


Sometimes plants flower in cycles: a heavy bloom and fruit one year, followed by a year with hardly any. Also, if it was pruned heavily early this spring, to remove old berries, that may have cut off the blooming wood for this year.

8 May, 2017


Thank you all for your advice l will wait for next year i never pruned it,it was full last year a beautiful sight.

8 May, 2017

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