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Has anybody else heard a Cuckoo this year. I didn't think I was going to hear one then this morning while weeding I heard one in the distance coming from some woods.
It seems to get later every year That I hear the first one.



I haven't heard one since I moved from a country village to a small urban area. Not even in the local park. Did I read somewhere that they're in decline?

28 May, 2017


Oddly I heard my last one in Nantwich - now we are in the heart of the countryside I haven't heard one for 10 years...

28 May, 2017


I haven't heard one for several years but this year there have been lots around here. They've been going at all times of day from early morning to late afternoon. I don't know why there's been a gap of about 5 years without them.

My mother used to say this rhyme ...
"The cuckoo comes in April,
She sings her song in May,
She lays her eggs in June,
And in July she flies away."

28 May, 2017


I live in West London, and I've not heard a cuckoo since I was a kid living in South East London...

28 May, 2017


Heard at least one up near John o' Groats last week.

28 May, 2017


we were in loch Lomond 3 weeks ago and at 5 in the morning we heard them and the female too. lovely but I'd have preferred it a bit later in the morning ;o)

nice to see you Hywel. hope all is well.

28 May, 2017


Heard one last week here in Mid-Sussex in an overgrown village, now small town, but it was the first I've heard for 3 years and I haven't heard it since.

29 May, 2017

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