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This bush in my garden has a powdery film. Can someone please identify the bush and tell me what the powdery stuff is?

Img_0339 Img_0338



Hi, looks like Elaeagnus ebbingei, for the shrub, and powdery mildew on the leaves, treat with a potassium bicarbonate fungicide, Derek.

31 May, 2017


Not mildew, so far as I can see, Derek. Young leaves of Elaeagnus are covered with tiny fuzzy dots, which eventually rub off.

1 Jun, 2017


Thank you both.

1 Jun, 2017


True - ours at present looks silvery all over - very attractive.
Newbegardener this shrub has tiny white highly scented flowers in autumn which are very easy to miss but you might not get them if you are too keen with the hedge clipping...

1 Jun, 2017


Thanks Steragram. I was thinking of cutting it back but I will wait until it has flowered and take it from there.

1 Jun, 2017

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