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I have 2 lilac bushes whose leaves are going brown . Photos attached . One worse than the other. Photos attached. Cannot see insects on under or top side. Any ideas?

Img_0245 Img_0245 Img_0245



When were they planted? Which variety of Lilac?

26 Jun, 2017


This looks like a leaf miner or any number of sap sucking insects. This has happened to my hydrangea. With a pair of kitchen scissors, I snipped off & discarded all affected leaves. Sooner is better than later before it spreads. This has worked and my hydrangea is now problem free. It has grown new leaves and is ready to bloom.

27 Jun, 2017


If thats the trunk, its very close to your fence. Whats growing on the other side of the fence Ailemail?

27 Jun, 2017

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