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i have F1 Emir melons growing in my greenhouse, the instructions stay remove growing point at 7 leaf, can enyone explain how to do this, sorry im new to gardening as you can probly tell lol.



Presume you have melons below leaf 7.

20 Aug, 2010


hi thanks for replying. No no melons yet, i have lots of leaves and flowers,

20 Aug, 2010


Don't worry about the leaf number. Just break off the growing tip once a melon has formed. This stops the plant from growing one very long stem. After a few days you will notice at the leaf joints, (the point where leaf stem & branch meet), new growth beginning. These will make new branches & then you will get more flowers & more fruit!

21 Aug, 2010


Thanks for that Balcony, will try that once i melon begins to form.

22 Aug, 2010


Disagree with Balcony a bit, as pinching out the growing point on a melon (say at seven leaves) is to encourage sideshoots on which the melons will form. You want to encourage around four or five female flowers to open at the same time on the sideshoots from the main stem. You pollinate all of these at the same time with the pollen from a male flower. That way you get four or five fruits. Otherwise, you will probably just get one melon which will develop at the expense of the others which might begin to form a bit later.

22 Aug, 2010


thanks for that Bertyfox,

have got 4 melon plants so will try both ways.

23 Aug, 2010

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