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I live in a small flat with a 1.50 metre (5ft) by 3.50 metre (10ft) balcony but still manage to squeeze in 100s of plants. I've been married to a Spanish lady now for over 40 years & we have 3 grown up children. They have given us 5 grandkids up to the present moment.

I've been gardening since I was a boy - now more than 50 years!

Although I grow lots of different flowers on our balcony I have more Amaryllis bulbs then anyone outside a professional grower's greenhouse!

I'm also into growing veg, helping out on my friend, Gerry's, allotment. I now have 6 seasons experience of growing veg so I'm no longer "wet" behind the ears!

You will find updates, during the height of the growing season, posted by me.

June 2017:

I no longer have an allotment & Gerry has given up his as well. I no longer grow vegetables except for tomatoes on the balcony, so there are no more updates on our allotments any longer.

However I've not given up gardening & now mostly do it just on my balcony though occasionally I still do a little work in the church gardens

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  • Pansies in trough on balcony railings 22nd November 2020 001 (Viola x wittrockiana)
  • Violas in pot on balcony railings 22nd November 2020 004
  • View of balcony from inside 22nd November 2020
  • Trinity Free Church gardens. Narcissus flowering at back of building 16th November 2020 001

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