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Hi all, I've got this greenhouse and am planning to get something done with the area around it as it gets muddy in wet conditions


By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Hi all,
I've got this greenhouse and am planning to get something done with the area around it as it gets muddy in wet conditions, have got a quote and the chap has suggested concreting the area (cheaper than slabbing he says) around it to create a hard surface with adequate drainage and paving slabs inside the greenhouse in central aisle. Ideally would think slabs are better on the area around the outside as well both visually and also more easily reversible in the future if we need to change the usage and plant the area up? Any helpful thoughts from your collective experience before I let him loose? Thanks in advance.

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The only thing I would add is pea gravel in the greenhouse floor and then a couple of paving slabs down the middle rather than concrete it all.
Water drains away quickly from pots etc otherwise you may be left with puddles and may become slippery ...

14 Jul, 2017


I put weed suppressor down then pea shingle on top, works a treat round mine :o) & if you want you could plant some pots up to put round the edges to :o)). Looks like you have some room there for some cool frames maybe?

14 Jul, 2017


I think you'll find slabs outside work better than concrete which is simply going to create run off and make the next area of ground muddy. In the greenhouse itself a row of slabs down the middle is a good idea then, in reality it i what you want to us it for that decides why you put either side.

14 Jul, 2017


Being a dedicated gravel hater I'd go for slabs. Easier to remove, easier to keep weed free, quieter to walk on, no damage to any ladies heels for starters... Its your choice and I think you've answered your own question very well.

14 Jul, 2017


You have a more complicated situation here in that I see in the first photo that the terrain slopes up rather steeply from the greenhouse so in a rain situation it the runoff heads right into the side. This is why it is so muddy for a prolonged period of time because of gravity fed water seepage from the slope long after it rains. My advice is to make sure your "chap" is aware of the problem this slope is most likely causing and that his work proposal takes this into account.

15 Jul, 2017


Thank you all for the benefit of your experience, sorry if pictures got turned upside down, will never be a Lord Snowdon.

16 Jul, 2017

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