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Butterfly or moth?




Butterfly. Moths are nocturnal and have feathery looking antennae

22 Jul, 2017


Ok. Any idea which one?

22 Jul, 2017


Moth - Magpie moth to be specific, image much lower down in this link. Most common on the Western Isles (hebrides) but in recent years, with climate change, now common on Orkney

You might be interested to know there are around 60 species of butterfly to be seen in the UK, but 2,500 moth species

22 Jul, 2017


Thank you Bamboo. Have seen a lot more moths this year than butterflies, must be a good year for them.

22 Jul, 2017


Or a bad one for butterflies, I'm certainly aware there seem to be far fewer around than 20 years ago.

22 Jul, 2017


Sorry Amsterdam, We don't have this one in the States, at least I haven't seen one.

22 Jul, 2017


Not all moths have feathery antennae, and when at rest, the antennae can be hard to see. Easiest way to tell: when at rest, moths fold their wings over their backs, and/or flat against the surface that they are resting on. When butterflies are resting, they keep their wings folded together vertically overhead. There is a group of "missing links", called skippers, which rest with their wings folded at a 45 degree angle.

23 Jul, 2017


Tug I have skippers in my garden I know what you mean by "missing links" the are cool!

24 Jul, 2017

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