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Soil improver question. I feel that my borders need a bit of a boost as plants are showing signs of nutrient poor soil and plan to sprinkle soil improver made from local composted green waste. A volunteer gardening friend said they use it at Attingham Park here in Shropshire and that it works very well. She said you could use it any time of year. They've got a sale on as I will need 2 cubic metres at least so am thinking of ordering some now, to save a few pennies!! Is there any time of the year to do it or will it work now to give a boost to flowering perennials and shrubs? Any thoughts?



I would have said the spring would be the best time to use by working it in between the plants but it could be a mulch between the existing plants. It will only act to help moisture retention so if you wanted to give your beds a lift, then something like 6X would be my choice. I would do it sooner rather than later as it can cause lots of soft, leafy growth later in the season. If it's just to improve the flowering, then a sprinkle of sulphate of potash will do the trick.

25 Jul, 2017


Agree with Jimmy!

25 Jul, 2017


I've got a different take on this to Jimmy and Moon grower. Yes, order the compost, enough to go over all the borders, preferably 1-2 inches deep. It shouldn't be spread if the soil is bone dry, but I'm guessing its not, currently, with this changeable weather we're having.

To clarify, what this will do is improve the soil over the next few months to a year rather than fertilise your plants directly. But improving the soil means its more fertile, there's increased bio diversity, and plants growing in it will find it easier to seek out what they need. That old adage,feed the soil and the plants will feed themselves is absolutely true.

For an immediate boost, then a general fertilizer such as 6x or just growmore would do the trick- but I don't recommend it at this time of year if your borders are planted with shrubs and perennials, its too late, as we're a month past the longest day already, unless your part of the country is very mild or near the coast.

If you can add more composted stuff in spring as well, your soil will be in much better condition next year, and so will your plants.

25 Jul, 2017

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