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Why is my pear tree sapping on the truck?



somebody put it there, hope this helps.

29 Jul, 2017


Could you clarify your question please - it seems as if you're asking why sap is dripping from your pear tree onto your truck, is that what you meant to say? Or are you saying sap is appearing on the trunk of your pear tree? If its oozing sap, a photo would be helpful.

30 Jul, 2017


If it is sapping on the trunk ( not truck) it is a hungry groundhog chewing on the sugary sap wood. Now if it is sapping on the truck, the tree is being attacked by aphids most likely so move the truck. What is happening is that the auto word and spell checker is having a mind of its own. I have the same problem from time to time typing on my ipad and I am constantly checkers the smell checker for its inserted mirrors. Aside from my frivolity check your peartree trunk for gashes and gnaw marks. Don't do anything to the trunk wound for the sap will slow and solidify into a hard resin bandage. What you can do to prevent further feeding is to wrap the trunk several times around with plastic screen sold at the garden center for this purpose. As far as aphids I refrain from recommending any insecticides in that there is too much collateral damage when they are used. Welcome see I typed in "welcome to goy" and the iPad gave me "welcome enjoy" this is beginning to drive me nucken futs...Oh I'm surrey fellow membranes please don't flog me:(

30 Jul, 2017


but maybe the 'pear tree sapling is on the truck.'

30 Jul, 2017


Oh, Loosestrife, how I wish we had emojis on here - you've brought me to tears of laughter;-)))

30 Jul, 2017


If it is a fine spray of sticky stuff, it is probably a case of aphids or scale. If it is thick blobs coming down, it might be bacterial canker, borers, or slime flux.

30 Jul, 2017


Oh Loosestrife,how funny,I have the same problem haha.

7 Aug, 2017

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