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A second flowering Amaryllis

West Somerset, England

Remember the double orangey-pink Amaryllis I posted some weeks ago? Well, it faded and I took the pot to the greenhouse for nurturing until next year. To my great surprise, when I cut the flower stem off, I spotted a second fat bud on its way. Is this common, as I have never had it happen before!!!

On plant Amaryllis



hi Spritz, yes i have seen this before, did you dead head the original stem as the flowers faded? if so this could be the reason that it has re-flowered. either that or you are just very lucky. i have seen quite a few with two stems on at once or like yours a second stem once the first has flowered - i don't think it is damaging to the bulb in anyway - so enjoy!

2 Jan, 2008


Hi Spritz

I have found this to be common. I have had the flower snap (they make beautiful cut flowers and last ages in water) and then had re growth.


2 Jan, 2008


If you look again at my 'photos you will make out that mine became muti stemmed .

2 Jan, 2008

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