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A gifted amarylis bulb. I have had it for 6 weeks now and it says on instructions it will flower between 8-10 weeks. Am I right in seeing little shoots on both sides appearing? What are the best conditions to grow them in? I have it in full light in my bay window in a centrally heated room and water it sparingly as the pot it came in has no drsinage holes. Any advice greatfully received.




Balcony has very detailed blogs on Amaryllis care, more info than you normally get on the questions page. Check them out for loads of helpful instructions and details.
Mine have flowered well in an unheated south facing conservatory. I would be tempted to put it into a pot with drainage.
Yes those shoots are probably flower buds.

12 Jan, 2018


Thank you Steragram, will have a look. Agree will change to a pot with drainage otherwise roots might rot.

12 Jan, 2018


they re definitely flower buds forming. they will grow at a fast rate now. I also have mine in pots with drainage holes.

12 Jan, 2018


Have now repotted it, looking a lot healthier!

13 Jan, 2018

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