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Hi, wonder if anyone could help us with what these 2 shrubs are please? (2 photo of shrub 1 which has beautiful flowers in the summer)

Thank you!

Image Image Image



The first ones look like Abelia.
Impossible to tell what the other one is unless you have photos of it's leaves/flowers.
but maybe some one will have an idea :)

27 Jan, 2018


The second one might be a weigela.

27 Jan, 2018


The second one looks like Buddleja. Couldn't match the flowers on the first one with anything I know.

28 Jan, 2018


I agree with Andrew re no. 2. Looks just like my Weigelas do at the moment, all bare and twiggy, but something said Weigela before I saw the comment.

28 Jan, 2018


Thank you . I've googled the names abelia and weigelas and compared to summer photos and it's correct! Thanks muchly everyone!

28 Jan, 2018


You're welcome :)

28 Jan, 2018

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