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Hi I don't have a garden but I have a small bit of outside space that unfortunately doesn't get any sun. Would I be able to successfully grown some fruits and vegetables in a small lean-to mini greenhouse with no sun?

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Hi, welcome to GoY, there are some fruits and veg that will tolerate shade outside, but I think the only ones that you may be able to grow in a mini greenhouse would be swiss chard, use the young leaves in salads, and the larger leaves as spinach, salad leaves, beetroot if you plant them in deep enough containers and raddishes, outside you could grow cabbage, broccoli, spring greens and sprouts, as all brassica's can withstand shade, and if the soil is deep enough, carrots and leeks, fruits that can stand shade are all too big to be grown in mini greenhouse, so unfortunately you're going to be restricted to veg, Derek.

1 Feb, 2018


Thank you so much. I'm new to any growing so I'll be doing lots of research and following posts on here.

1 Feb, 2018


Alpine strawberries will grow in shade. You won't get fat on them but they are packed with flavour.

1 Feb, 2018


Thank you

3 Feb, 2018

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