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Best way to store dahlia tubers received today in the post. What is the best way of keeping dahlia tubers until they are ready to be planted out in May? Was thinking of planting them up in pots of vermiculite? Can I have some advice please? Thank you. ?



Hi Amsterdam..... I keep my tubers cool and dry until I want to start them off in April.. I usually wrap them in newspaper or pop them in dry compost...keep them in a frost free place, under the staging in a greenhouse or shed. They seem to store well like that. I too have bought quite a few new ones this year.. Some of mine from previous years over winter in the garden ok...

2 Feb, 2018


Thanks Janey. Don’t have anywhere outside that is frost free in deep rural Shropshire. Will keep them wrapped up in newspapers for now in my utility and then plant them up in May or could I put them directly into the ground then?

2 Feb, 2018


Oh I see, is it a frost pocket? Sure they'll be fine if not too warm, sometimes they shrivel if too warm. Yes I would think they'd be fine in May, but you could start them off in tubs before then, then they'll flower earlier...

2 Feb, 2018


I have mine in dry sawdust/compost in pots in the cold greenhouse. before I had a greenhouse they were kept in dry pots in the garage.

I usually start mine into growth in April, in pots and then sink the pots into the ground so that it is easy to lift them in the autumn.

2 Feb, 2018


Thanks guys. will wrap them up, label them and store in garage.

3 Feb, 2018

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