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I have chiondoxa but its only 1 inch high. I spaced them out as directed but they are so far apart as to look stupid.
Did I plant too far down?



Ours are not even showing through. They should get taller as they approach flowering.

6 Feb, 2018


Somerhing or somebody must have moved them!

6 Feb, 2018


Mine are not showing either. But come late Feb early March they will be up and flowering. I usually plant bulbs 3 times their depth so how deep did you plant yours?

6 Feb, 2018


They will spread over time and they will get taller as the weather improves. Ours are barely through the ground yet although I can see the breaking tips. I would not bother about digging them up and moving them because they are growing so they must be happy enough.If you planted more than 2" apart and 2" deep take a note of where they are and plant some more next year in between the ones you have.

6 Feb, 2018


I would leave them be and plant a bunch more to fill in the gaps. Mine never disappoint and yes they will spread albeit rather slowly. Their show is so fleeting.

7 Feb, 2018


I found that they clump up very quickly here. And if you do not dead head them, then they will seed around too. They flower very quickly from seed too.

7 Feb, 2018


To be honest I can't remember when I planted them or how deep. In future I think I'd better start a log. I kept detailed accounts of plants & bulbs in pots but after one year things did not go to plan & the memo pads were covered in mud etc. I always say this year I'll.......

8 Feb, 2018

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