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I have dug down 4inches put in bulbs,back filled and added 3-4 inches of bark chippings.Will they flower?Jules



it depends what bulbs they are. If they are daffodils or other spring bulbs they might not flower this year. You might have to wait until they build up their strength to flower next spring, but if they are summer flowering bulbs they' ll probably be ok.

23 Feb, 2018


Agree with above. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus bulbs must be planted in the fall and go through x hours of winter in order to break dormancy. Don't expect much this year, but keep them in the ground and look forward to next year. There are still plenty of summer flowering bulbs you can plant in spring e.g. cana lilies, dahlias, day lilies, echinops. Also now is a good time to start some seeds indoors to plant out in Spring. Black Eyed Susans are so rewarding.

23 Feb, 2018


were the bulbs already in active growth when you planted them or were they 'dry' bulbs? actually what bulbs were they? if summer bulbs they should flower this year.
having said that Dahlias shouldn't go out until frosts are not an issue and with the 'arctic' blast we are due to get they may survive.

welcome to GoY too :o)

23 Feb, 2018


Also bulbs of different sizes are planted at different depths.
A reasonable depth is twice the size of the bulb, so eg crocuses would be planted much shallower than daffodils for example.

23 Feb, 2018

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