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There are tiny white worms on the base of a tulip bulbs.
It has not grown, no roots nothing but I cut it open and it seems fine. You can even see a flower in the middle.



No they are tiny white worms (a few mm long) they were on the base of the bulb where the roots grow. Also it was where a old begonia tuber was planted and rotted away in the cold.

6 Mar, 2018


Were they shaped like a letter'C' and with a brown head?

6 Mar, 2018


They could be nematode worms. there are many species of them and most feed on dead/decaying material. You often find them in the soil, they vary in length from a few mm to a cm or so. They are usually white or translucent with no obvious head and are pointy at both ends.

any chance of a photo?

6 Mar, 2018


I forgot to take a photo sorry :( I didn't have my phone out.

7 Mar, 2018


The tulip is not growing either.

7 Mar, 2018


Not surprising its not growing if you cut it open??? Whatever the white things are it appears they have eaten the roots without which the poor thing can't grow. I would remove the soil from where it was planted in case there are more of them and throw that one away, preferable burn it.

7 Mar, 2018


They are in my daffodils too. But they are doing fine but the weird thing is that they look like pot worms.

11 Mar, 2018


they could be a different species of worm in your daffs. I often find smaller earthworms have moved into pots that are on the ground and even that stand on the concrete paths.
not sure what you mean by pot worms other than the normal whitish segmented worms you find in compost though.

12 Mar, 2018


Google pot worms. Sorry for being late.

23 Mar, 2018


I have done now and they are the white segmented ones I was thinking of. but such a generic name confused me. easily done haha.

24 Mar, 2018


I had never heard of pot worms so I too googled it. This website explains that their presence in large numbers has to do with the ph of the soil and how to correct it. They even suggest a quick fix solution. I would try it if you have any more tulips, before discarding them.

16 Apr, 2018

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