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Ballon flower (platycodon) has purple edges on leaves. (2017)

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This was last year, but my ballon flower (platycodon) had purple edges on its leaves I cut it right back when I noticed it. It is currently dormant. I think it's a fungus but the roots are fine.

On plant Platycodon grandiflorus



If it happened in late summer/autumn the leaves could have been starting to die off ready for winter.
You say the roots are fine, so I'd wait and see what the new leaves will be like when they emerge in the spring.

16 Mar, 2018


I find that mine have a bluish tinge and they are usually fine. think it is just a sign of stress ie too cold as it usually happens to mine at the back end of the year.

16 Mar, 2018


Thanks. I got it from a shop so it probably was stress like you said.

16 Mar, 2018


if you were able to check the roots does that mean it is a pot? the one I have has a tuber type structure and it is planted out in the garden.

16 Mar, 2018


Yeah it's a pot and it's planted quite shallow I just planted it in a bigger container and it is dormant.

16 Mar, 2018


It is a tuber type and it's a small type

16 Mar, 2018


It's gone out of dormancy looks ok many shoots

6 May, 2018


That's brilliant news Gardener.

6 May, 2018


Update: the purple leaves are back despite heatwave. Must be a fungus.

2 Jul, 2018

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