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For Bamboo - this is the photo you asked for to let you see the state of my camellia leaves. I hope this is helpful.

Today I bought new ericaceous compost for each one and some seaweed fertiliser to revive lime hating plants.
Have I done the right thing?




yes that should pep it up a bit. It certainly does look as if it is lacking nutrients.

20 Apr, 2018


It may need a bigger pot - can't see how big its pot is in this picture. One thing though - I notice black areas on the rim of the pot, is that just staining or a deposit? If this plant has been in the same pot for 2/3 years, time to pot up into something larger with ericaceous compost and that will cause a revival into a healthy green plant in fairly short order.

Please also check beneath the leaves, to make sure there's no presence of cushion scale - this is what that looks like:

20 Apr, 2018


Thank you very much indeed for your very helpful replies to my question.

I shall do exactly what has been suggested - much appreciated.

22 Apr, 2018

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