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My father-in-law has a camellia which is about thirty years old. Up to last year it has had hundreds of blooms, but this year it has had just a few, and the whole tree is looking pretty scraggy.
Is it time to give it a serious prune? Does it need a good feed? Or has it outlived its best? Thanks.



it certainly hasn't out lived itself. give it a good feed formulated for camellias. If it was too dry or you had an early frost in the late summer/early autumn that would account for the lack of flowers as that is when the buds are formed. if there is any dead wood prune that out but unless it is too big for its space it doesn't need pruning.

26 Apr, 2018


Thanks Seaburngirl. That's helpful and encouraging! I'll get some camellia feed for him--well, not for him, exactly, but for his tree!

26 Apr, 2018

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