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Will primrose crown and plant re root or not

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This primrose has a healthy crown and leaves with no roots. Will it re root?



have the roots been eaten away by vine weevil? check the 'stems' for grubs. if that is the case themn it is unlikely to re root.
if there is a bare section where leaves used to be and the plant has roots elsewhere then yes the bare section may reroot. a photo of the problem would help a lot.

21 May, 2018


No I accidentally pulled it out and the roots are gone. But I do see new root tips forming.

22 May, 2018


I think that it is very unlikely that it will grow but stick it back in the ground and see. It certainly won't grow if you dump it.

22 May, 2018


It has small root tips so I have high hopes for it.

22 May, 2018


Put it in the shade or semishade and keep it moist. Hope you are lucky.

22 May, 2018


Yes I've put it in full shade and I'm constantly watering it. (Its quite free draning soil so I don't have to worry about it sitting in water)

23 May, 2018


It rooted.

31 Jul, 2018


that s good news but watch out for vine weevil. :o)

31 Jul, 2018

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