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2 for 1 please. The first photo shows a stem from an evergreen that was brought to our gardening group for ID . I think it might be a bay laurel but not sure.
The second photo I have asked about before a couple of years ago without success- hopefully some new members may be able to help. It is evergreen , grown as a standard. The older leaves suffered damage last winter but there is new growth. The features are Crimson stems and each leaf is edged with Crimson. No flowers yet. It looks like a type of laurel leaf again. Thanks again.
PS have added a full picture of the standard. Trying to contact the owner of the first photo berried stem.

Image Image Image



Could the top pic be escallonia?

9 Jun, 2018


Its definitely not Bay Laurel - unfortunately, ID is always easier if we can see the whole plant as well as a close up - growth habit, height, spread give important clues to ID. Same is true for the second one you've asked about....

9 Jun, 2018


Is the first pic one of the euonymus family that has reverted ?

9 Jun, 2018


Going by the serrated edge to the leaves, I'd say not, Julien

9 Jun, 2018


The first one looks like an Ilex, possibly J. C. Van Tol. The second one looks like Laurus nobilis to me.

9 Jun, 2018


Have you changed the top photo?

9 Jun, 2018


Adding a photo when updating the question has somehow removed the first photo. I'll try and put it back.

9 Jun, 2018


The first photo is Euonymus japonicus. The second and third are Prunus lusitanica.

10 Jun, 2018

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