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Hi I've just laid yew wood chippings all around my allotment for paths is it safe for my dod and cat? Many thanks



Your dog will have no problem and will mark certain areas it has selected.. Your cat will consider it kitty litter and will do it’s business in it in areas it has selected.

9 Jun, 2018


There's a scientific answer and a practical answer. The science is that the toxins in yew decay over time (though I can't quote the exact amount of time) so, if the chippings have been around for a while, they probably contain little or no toxins by now.

The practical is to ask why would your pets even think about eating wood chips? They are surrounded by poisonous things all the time but those things don't attract them so don't get eaten.

Previous responders to similar questions have pointed out that using it on paths, as you have, is better than using it as a general mulch.

9 Jun, 2018

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