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Strawberry plants. I was gifted these and left them neglected in a corner of the garden but they seem to be doing fine, fruit ripening as we speak! I have no room for them in either my borders or pots. My question is can I leave them in these pots and with what can I feed them with? Thank you.




They look happy enough where they are..maybe you could move them up a pot size. When they produce runners you'll have to decide whether to grow them on or cut them off though.
But had you thought of using them as border edging plants?
With fresh compost I wouldn't bother feeding them but if you want to Miracle Grow as a general fertilizer and potash in early spring.

10 Jun, 2018


Ok. Thanks. Amazing what a bit of neglect can do! Lol ?

11 Jun, 2018


...and I bet those strawberries taste a lot better than the shop ones...

11 Jun, 2018


So true! The little things in life can make us so happy!

12 Jun, 2018


Just been amusing myself making a list - eg kittens, engagement rings, something flowering for the first time, and unexpected thank you....

12 Jun, 2018


Mmm... what would go on my list? Thoughtfulness towards others, kittens as well (as an avid cat lover), compliments, seeing wildlife in my garden - however small!

13 Jun, 2018


Agree with all those!

13 Jun, 2018


Great minds think alike! Lol ?

15 Jun, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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