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Aspidistra flower?
I've had my Aspidistras outside for years but the pot was getting overcrowded. As it was overcast and not too hot today, I cut back all the old leaves and emptied the pot. I removed all the old soil and hosed the split plants when I came across what looks like a flower. It is definitely attached to the plant. I have repotted but now into two large pots as there were so many but the one with what looks like a flower is in a pot of it's own.
Does anyone know what to do next please and is it a flower?
It's the funny shaped thing close to the centre of the dustbin lid.

100_0905 100_0908



Hi, yes it is a flower, a peculiarity of Aspidistra, is that they get their flowers usually just above the roots, you don't need to do anything special, just carry on doing what you normally do, Derek.

12 Jun, 2018


Yes it's a flower. Mine flower all the time but missed this year lol ...

12 Jun, 2018


Thanks Derek and Hywel. I have looked for flowers for a few years and read somewhere that they are tiny and pollinated by slugs and snails. That ugly little critter was not what I would have expected to see and wouldn't have if I didn't repot.

13 Jun, 2018


I'll upload a photo for you ...

13 Jun, 2018

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